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Invitation: Special Issue on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery’ in Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery

Dear All,

I have just agreed to edit a special issue on ‘Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery’ for Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, with an intended submission date in January 2021.

We will invite authors for topics we would like to include directly, but everyone in the field is also welcome to suggest a topic, and then we will make sure that contents aligns well throughout the issue. For suggestions please get in touch with David Grech and copy me (Andreas Bender) in if you are interested in contributing to the issue, and we will get back to you shortly with further information.

What should be of particular value to the reader is the ‘expert opinion’ format of the articles to be published in this context (see journal guidelines for details), which does not only include a summary of the state of the art, but also a realistic assessment (and yes, opinion!) of what methods in the area are currently able to achieve, in which applicability domain, and where there is still further work needed at this point in time. This will hopefully guide the reader to arrive at a suitable method, or approach, for a given problem more easily than without this type of additional information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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